21 September is the United Ntions Internaitonal Day of Peace.  It is a day when we are challenged to consider how we choose to live as one human family. It is a day created honor our common humanity, a day to remind us that we come from ONE race, the human race.

As the founder of Subud once said ". . . .God Almighty loves mankind. And since you have received this love from Almighty God, you must do everything you can. You must do the utmost in your life to do something that will be of benefit for mankind . . . .[in order] to bring prosperity and peace to human society — not just to a nation, but to humankind as a whole."

What Can YOU Do?

FROM LOCAL TO GLOBAL INITIATIVES in education, arts, sports, service for others, environment, nonviolence, conflict resolution, justice, faith, spirituality, breaking bread together, community activities and intercultural dialogues, there are a many rewarding ways to participate in Peace Day! It can be as simple as observing a moment of silence at noon on Peace Day, or volunteering to help homeless veterans.Or it can involve getting your neighbors, co-workers, classmates, or friends together to create a larger community event! Making peace often starts wtih ourselves. Visit our Peace Day Austin ste or our Poems for Peace ste, or our Facebook Pages for more information. You can also visit our Programs page amd scroll down.


May Peace Be With You All!


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painting by Halimah Polk