Rusydah Ziesel, Board President and SICA Chair
An artist, art therapist, educator and clown, Rusydah served on SICA's board of directors the last term. She designs and facilitates workshops that help people develop and express their own creativity in her own full-time Creativity Center and Studio, Atelier 24 and a Half, in Grafing, near Munich Germany. She also designed "Keys to Creativity," the very successful seminar program that has also attracted numerous corporate clients.

A multi-talented activist, Rusydah also paints, sings, and entertains! She's done impressive work with the elderly and disenfranchised as an art therapist — and as a clown! She has a passionate and contagious conviction that "The creative potential is available to every individual, not just to artists. It's part of being human."

Amelia Williams, Administrator

Amelia lives in a California mountain community with her English poet husband, Emmanuel. With a professional background in non-profit management, Amelia has directed administration for organizations in California and England, including Executive Director of a California community art center, as well as administration for a retail high-end art gallery. In Subud she has held positions nationally and regionally for Subud UK and Subud California and she was the manager for the Puebla congress gift shop. Amelia is also a mosaic artist, having arrived at this talent quite late in life. You can find more about her beautiful mosaics here. She is very pleased to serve SICA as the administrator, bringing together her love of art, organizations and Subud.


Rita Oakford, Secretary
Rita was born in 1961 Wolfsburg, Germany, at the start of an amazing Subud adventure – Richard Engels, her parents Leuthold and Henriette Aulig and the “Waldkäuze” (Wood Owls) youth group were challenging the status quo to create a brave new world. From the age of two, she grew up in the Forsthaus (Subudhouse) in Wolfsburg. After leaving the school she started an Apprenticeship as a Pastry chef at the Cadera Bakery in Wolfsburg, a Subud owned business. In 1992 Rita started silk painting as a hobby, but after getting married to Howerd Oakford in 2009, she found herself doing it professionally. You can find her work here.

Her latest job for Subud was working for the World Congress in Freiburg as a coordinator of the Registration and Merchandise. After living for 7 Years in England, she returned to her roots and lives now in Wolfsburg, Germany. Rita wants to support the Sica international Team to bring culture in all its forms to life into the world.


Peter Jenkins, Director

Peter joins SICA's  Board of Directors this term and is key to SICA's new "Communiversity" initiative. A qualified therapeutic counselor who is also trained in drama techniques including improvisational theatre, Theatre Sports and Playback Theatre, Peter hails from Australia and is the founding director of  YES Quest. 




Eugenia Stark, Director

Eugenia works as a social worker and is currently in her Certification to become an Emotion Code Practitioner. With the ambition to transform this world into a better place, piece by piece, she is supporting people from all over the world to heal themselves and to get rid of old emotional baggage and traumas. Additionally, she is working voluntarily in the zero waste movement and illustrates books for children together with her sister. Following the inner Call to serve in SICA she is heading up Website & Communications.

Eugenia recently served on the Subud World Congress team, responsible for Facebook communications and the tours & excursions.  


Paloma Muñoz, Director

Paloma has a BA in Music with a specialization in Cultural  Management and is a professor at the Department of Education and Pedagogy at Universidad del Cauca in Colombia. She lectures on indigenous music and instruments of Colombia. She herself plays the violin!




Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg, Director

Ismanah is a brilliant photographer who just completed serving as WSA Executive Chair. Before that, she was Chair of Subud Germany and served on the SICA Board 2010 - 2014.





Ex-Officio SICA Board Members: Nahum Harlap and Suyono Sumohadiwidjojo, WSA Chair and WSA Executive Chair respectively. (not pictured.)


Thanks to our Outgoing Boards of Directors, some of whom will happily be staying on!

Left to right: Latifah Taormina, Felix Prieto        Rosario Moir, Rosetta Narvaez, Erica Sapir Sebastian Flynn, Ismanah Schuze-Vorberg, and Halimah Polk.
Elias Dumit, ex-officio. (not pictured)

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